Why Telangana

  • Hyderabad is an important city in South India with respect to construction activities
  • The total estimated worth of the construction industry of Telangana & AP was USD 11- 15 billion for FY 2017-18.
  • The construction sector in the region grew by 11-12% CAGR
  • The market size of construction equipment in South India for FY 2017-18 is USD 1.15 Billion.
  • Total construction equipment Industry of Telangana and AP is USD 750 Million

Favorable Ecosystem

Hyderabad provides favorable eco-system for manufactures and suppliers of construction equipment and technologies. The buyers and influencersin Hyderabad are

  • 50+ large & medium infrastructure companies
  • 400+ civil contractors
  • 1000+ builders
  • 50+ cement plants
  • 300+ TMT bar dealers
  • Presence of leading institutions such as National Cement, Construction and Building Material (NCCBM), National Academy of Construction